The Club is a private gym whose mission is to inspire members of the community to achieve the extraordinary.  We are a facility for those who strive for something better; for those who aren’t satisfied by mediocrity.  We don’t believe in average.  If you’re serious about fitness, try The Club.  Our service, atmosphere and expertise will ensure that your workout and overall experience is second to none.

At The Club, we pride ourselves on superior service, a first-class atmosphere, and above all RESULTS.  Our goal is to help you achieve your fitness goal.  Therefore, all our memberships come with personal training.  But throw out the clipboards, ease any feelings of discomfort, and eliminate your doubts and fears.  This is Elite Fitness Training, taught only by highly qualified and certified personal trainers.  This fitness training is fun, interactive, and unlike anything you’ve done before.  From our state of the art equipment and innovative training techniques to our customized programs, working out in the harbor will never be the same. 

The Club also offers the latest fitness technology, exclusive only to Club members.  Upon joining, each member receives access to The Club Online (TCO).  This is a new way of tracking your progress as you pursue your fitness goals.  It’s simple, just log onto our homepage, enter your username and password, and check your custom “cardio assignment” for the day. The Club Online will not only hold you accountable, but monitor your progress and track your results as you achieve your fitness goals. 

Our facility, fully furnished with hardwoods, elegant windows, and beautiful plants boasts 50” plasma TV’s and a state of the art sound system making your time here not only luxurious, but efficient and extraordinary.  At The Club, we go above and beyond to make sure our members are fully satisfied.  When you invest in us, we invest in you!